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Modifications to Chain Plates in the Phantom Yacht

Rudders Chain Plates Mast fitting for shrouds forestay Mainsheet fairlead Water proofing the hatch Improving Ballast Replacing Shrouds 'B' rig sails Radio Setup Clew/Tack Adjustment Improved sheeting system Gooseneck repair


Chain Plates or shroud, forestay and backstay deck attachment fitting

These fittings are ABS or similar plastic extrusions and while quite strong are nevertheless brittle and will part with not too much force.  These fittings are attached to the deck with small self tapping screws into a thin fibreglass sheet.  The screws are steel and will rust as well.

Two methods are suggested here. 

One is to make a brass or similar metal T shaped section similar to the original fitting.  These can be screwed onto the deck using a small stainless steel self tapping screw.  Use a slightly larger one than the original to get more of a bite in the thin fibreglass.

The other is to bend some stainless steel wire ~.9mm into a loop with a right angle bend.  The two ends are fed through two holes drilled in the deck or one if you use the original screw hole and held in place with instant glue.  This has some advantage as the load is now spread over a larger area of deck and unlikely to pull out.  The wire can be obtained from a small egg whisk from one of the many cheap shops or you can source such wire from one of the RC Yacht supply shops.




page last edited on 27/10/2011